Bad Romance Swingers Club

Meet couples not only from Romania, but also from all over the Europe and other far away places at the best swingers club in Bucharest.

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Are you ready to spend an unforgettable night at Bad Romance Swingers Club?

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To have access at Bad Romance Swingers Club you have to be at least 21 years old.

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Welcome to Bad Romance Swingers Club!

Bad Romance Swingers Club aims to encourage the development of the concept of swinging and its introduction into the lives of as many couples as possible through the beauty and grandeur of the place.

We believe there is a discipline in all kinds of aventures and this discipline is the queen of luck.


We can't wait to see you (again) and say "Welcome to the club!"

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Are you ready to spend an unforgettabe night at Bad Romance Swingers Club?

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Every question has an answer, it's very important to know there to look for it. We want both to give you a clear image of this lifestyle and make you understand how many people we really are in the swingers community and how many people share your opinion about nonconformism.