How to choose the right swinging type for you

How to choose the right swinging type for you

20 December 2017

Regarding to its variations, swinging is an offerer lifestyle. Over time, the idea of swinging evolved and now it includes both the traditional wife swapping and the simple voyeurism. A swingers club is a place where you can find all types of swinging and all the people to practice them. 

When you want to start your swingers life, you need to know exactly what this lifestyle can offer to you so you can decide what suits you best. You will find bellow some swinging types frequently practiced from which you can choose what you really want as a swinger.

Soft swap vs Full swap

Soft swap

It's swinging between two or more couple and it involves all the sexual activities (sometimes oral sex, too) except proper penetration. While some people consider soft swap a game for kids, others think about it as the perfect solution for improving their sexual life.

Full swap

Full swap is the next step. Basically, it's a complet sexual intercourse (including penetration) with people outside the couple. It's also known as wife swapping and it's considered the first definition of swinging: sex that involves two couples that change partners. Later, the idea evolved and the limit of two couples was removed.

Same room vs separate rooms

Same room

For some people, the idea of being 4 people in one bed is one f the reasons they choose this lifestyle. It's considered erotic and exciting to be able to watch or touch your partner while you're having sex with someone else.

On the other hand, there are swingers who prefer same room and separate beds. You know your partner is there, you can see him, you can hear him, but you can't touch him. And some people think this is even more erotic.

Separate rooms

Separate room swinging is prefered by people who feel uncomfortable to finish before the other couple in the room. This type of swinging allows you to feel the intimicy of one to one sex and the pleasure you're looking for in your swinger life at the same time. During sex, you have all the attention focused on one single person and then you can relax with the other couple drinking a glass of wine or in a jacuzzi. 

Until now, we've presumed that sex happens at the same time. There is the alternative where you and your partner have separate dates with different people, not necessary at the same time. Maybe you're married and while your partner is home with the kids, you spend the night in a swingers club and the next day you switch roles. Of course, this type of swinging needs a real confidence and a lot of control to stay in the area of fun and sex. 

With singles, a couple or more

Swinging with singles

Starting from the idea of threesome, there are many erotic fantasies involving a third person in bed. There is a well known desire of men to have sex with two women at the same time and there are also people who secretly love to watch their partner having sex with someone else (voyeurism).

We make a step forward and we think about a single is not necessary the third when it comes to swingers. As well as this, a sigle can be the fifth, the seventh and so on. There are no limits excepting the respect to other's desires.

Swinging with a couple or more

Swinging with another couple. Classic. Just remember we're in the full swapping or wife swapping area and move on.

When we involve more couple, the sutuation changes because it is harder to control what's happening. As any other circumstance, the more they are, it's harder to make everyone feel good. However, after you've found the perfect group, the experience can be truly remarcable.

Swinger vs Voyeur


If you are here, it's obvious you already know what's a swinger: a person involved in different sexual activities with people outside the couple. We can go deeper with this definition saying a swinger is someone directly involved in sexual intercourse with other people. The category that's not included here is the one of those who are indirectly involved in sexual relations: voyeurs.

Dacă ai ajuns până în acest punct, este clar că ai o idee destul de clară despre ce însemnă swinger: persoană implicată în diverse activități sexuale cu oameni din afara cuplului. Nuanțând termenul, putem aprofunda această definiție spunând că un swinger este o persoană implictă direct în contactul sexual cu ceilalți. Categoria care nu este inclusă aici este a celor implicați indirect, a voyeurilor.


The voyeurs are people who are sexually satisfied just watching their partner having sex with someone else.

The voyeurism is most often seen in a threesome and it's prefered by the couples with stable relationships or married, partners who have this erotic fantasie of watching their lover having sex with other people.

Swinging vs Cuckolding


This time, by swinging we mean equal involvement of both parterners at the moment they establish the rules of the game and when they start playing. Both of them have the same rights and choose togheter the people who have sexual intercourse. 


A deviated practice of swinging is cuckolding. The current definition says cuckolding is the activity where the woman can choose by herself with which man she'll have sex (alpha mare/bull) and her partner has nothing to say about this.

Normally, this lifestyle is prefered by those who gets sexual satisfaction from submissiveness beacause usually the alpha male is one much more gifted than the woman's partner. During sex with the bull, the partner is just a voyeur and after that he has to clean the momen with his mouth. 

Although it is a practice mistaken for the moral norms of society, many couples claim that this lifestyle brings a lot of benefits and satisfaction to their relationship.

Progressive swinging

Swingers all over the world are searching, besides novel sexual experiences, to develop relationships which offers them a comfortable and safe social environment.

Thus, it was created the progressive swinging concept, which is a combination between the swinging clubs and the long term relationships.

This category fits best for the people who develop emotional affection for their swinging partners, enjoy their partners company and like the activities which have no connection to sexual practices in the clubs or parties.

As we said in the beginning, swinging is a bidding lifestyle, not just for its own practices, and also the derived ones. It is very important to realize what fits best for you, in order to profit from it at its maximum capacity. You might not realize what attracts you or the way you are from the first visit to a swinging club, but once you have decided to begin this life style, you have a lot of good choices you can try.

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