Frequently asked questions

What is swinging and who are the swingers?

Swinging is a lifestyle! Only for open-minded people, swinging involves the open and unprejudiced practice of sexual relations with partners outside the couple. 

There are several types of swinging and sometimes you can go through several variations of this experience until you find what suits you best. 

Swinging refers to both sexual intercourse with another couple as well as those with multiple couples or single persons. You can also experience sexual intercourse in two forms: in the same room or in separate rooms. It only depends on what you want and what you expect from this activity.

How does swinging affect my life?

Our experience and the opinions of those who have been at the club showed us that while extramarital affairs are hot for the moment and have unintended consequences, swinging is a well thought and pragmatic adventure. 

Experienced swingers tell that over time, this activity develops couple communication, makes you quit inhibitions and makes you know better both your own pleasures and your partener's.

So the answer is "yes". Swinging affects your couple life... in a positive way!

How to act if you are for the first time in a swinging club?

You have to relax. Let the hostess to do her job and get you familiar with the place. Think about the fact that everyone there is exactly like you so you don't have to be shy. Act both unselfconscious and respectful to other people. Even if they won't seem so interesting at the beginning, most likely you will have a pleasant surprise getting to know them better.

May people come alone at Bad Romance Swingers Club?

Single men access is allowed, but single ladies can come only accompanied by a couple.

What should I wear in a swinging club?

Basically, you can wear anything that makes you feel comfortable, but you will notice that gentlemen are more appreciated wearing elegant outfits and ladies wearing sexy and mysterious clothes.

How to get in Bad Romance Swingers Club?

Access at the club is based on a reservation by phone  or email .

Am I allowed to take pictures in the club?

No, it's forbidden to take pictures inside or outside Bad Romance Swingers Club. 

How do I behave with the other swingers?

Your freedom ends where the other's freedom begins. Be respectful both to other's desires and refusals and everything will be alright. Don't forget to give emotional exclusivity to the partner who has the main place in your life. Read the rules for details.