Pros and cons for swingers lifestyle

Pros and cons for swingers lifestyle

14 December 2017

You want it, but you don't want it, but you still want it, but you're not sure. Maybe you've heard about swingers lifestyle and you find this kind of experience being tempting, but you're not 100% decided if it's a good or a bad move for your relationship. It's natural to have doubts at first sight. I think swinging in couple's life has many benefits and it influences your relationship in a good way. The next paragraphs will show you a list of advantages and disadvantages of swingers lifestyle that will help you to have a clearer idea about what this experience implies.  

What is swinging?

Before any elaborated and complex definition, we have to understand that swinging is a lifestyle. Only for open-minded people, swinging involves the open and unprejudiced practice of sexual relations with partners outside the couple. 

Depending on various criteria, swinging splits in more categories and offers more possibilities to practice this lifestyle. You have to experiment thins activity in many forms in order to descover what suits you best

Advantages of swingers life

In case of married couples, it's demonstrated that partners switch in sexual life reduces the divorce rate.

The moment one of the partners is no more satisfied with the sexual life he has is one of the most critical moments in a marriage. This happens most of times because of the monotony from which it's really hard to escape without help. 

Partners swap is a really saving solution which helps you animate your sexual life and it will equally satisfy both of you.

It helps you discover your hidden pleasures.

It's a great way to find out what you enjoy most about sex.

By interacting with people who live the same experience as you do, you can always be honest and open about your sexual desires. You can satisfy your erotic fantasies by experimenting free sex wih other couples or with single people. You can also satisfy other people needs and discover this way new things you enjoy.

Swinging will help you improve the communication with your partner and also will help you knowing him better.

When you say "open relationship", you automatocally understand communication, honesty, sincerity and freedom of speech.

More than ordinary relationships, when you and your partner decided to start a swinger life, you need to talk to each other in the most honest way ever. Why are you doing this? Will this affect your relationship? Which are the rules? Which are the limits you impose?

After your first visit at a swinging club, you'll have to talk about this experience. Did you enjoyed it? What dis you like the most? Can you go further and do something more? Was there something that bothered you? Will you come back at the club?

All this discussions will make you know your partner better, will make you realise what makes him happy and which are the desires he has and you haven't noticed.

Swinging improves your sex life and your health.

Again, a proven fact is that swingers have a better sex life than monogamy couples both in terms of numbers of sexual plays and level of satisfaction. According to statistics, swingers have 30% more orgasm than people involved in monogamous relationships.

Orgasms are considerated by sexologists real drugs for some health problems. For example, a single orgasm a week reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 35%, balacing the level of hormones f both sexes (testosterone and estrogen).  Also, orgasms improve the immune system by increasing the number of antibodies in organism.

Other medical benefits of frequent and regular orgasms are: analgesic effects (especially on back and legs pain), improving blood flow, reducing the risk of high blood pressure, reducing stress and, for men, reducing the risk of prostate cancer. 

Disadvantages of swingers life

Swingers are not socially accepted yet.

Although the idea of swinging have evolved and developed a lot, especially since dating sites appeared on this niche, there are people who still don't embrace this concept.

This wrong thinking is everywhere. People have prejudices that are too aggressive sometimes. Normality has not the same definition for everyone, but some people consider their normality being generally valid and any deviation from it punished.

Because of the people who consider swinging is the same thing as cheating or imorality, swingers need sometimes to hide their lifestyle from family, friends or collegues.

Having a secret, double life involves a lot of stress and take a lot of time which usually you don't have when you already have to split between work, kids and sports or other family activities.

There is the possibility that your partner doesn't agree with your opinion.

When you decide you want to start a swinger life, you need to be sure that your partner wants this lifestyle as much as you do.

There are cases when someone wants to try swinging and the partner agrees just for the other one's pleasure. From this point, the proplems starts to raise. The balance of rules that the partners set leans against the one who accepted the experience just for the other's sake.

This way, swinging, which should get the partners closer, turns into an activity that brings resentments between them. Don't forget that every successful relationship is based on honest and open dommunication.

There may appear jealousy between partners.

The jealousy comes in the game once a person consider their partner giving more attention to someone else.

The key is control. First of all, you have to give emotional exclusivity o the person who has the main place in your life. You need to be sure that your partner knkows he's the most important person in your life.

When it comes to swap partners, there is more likely for women to feel jealous because they put themselves in some kind of competition. It's very important to make your partner know that there is a very good reason you walk home with her and not someone else.

Swinging for single people.

For single people and people who don't want a relationship, swinging is a very good solution. The main advantage of this lifestyle for single people is the fact they can satisfy their desires and sexual fantasies without involving in a serious relationship. Also, swinging helps personal developing and finding out what you are really looking for. Practicing sexual activities with more than one partner, you can establish a set of criteria a future partner should fulfill.

The disadvantages of swinging lifestyle in case of single people usually appear on long term practicing, especially when you decide you want to involve in a relationship because at the beginning it's not easy to quit this life if your partner doesn't want to adopt it too. 

Of couse there are lot of thinks to balance either you're part of a couple, either your single. All in all, any important decision takes time and a lot of thinking. If you decide to stat your swinger life, start with a club party. This way, you can socialize with people who are already doing this and listening to their opinions and experiences will help you to learn a lot f things about swinging. Discussing with other swingers, you'll get an accurate image of swinging lifestyle and will make it easier to decide if this is what you really looking for.

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