To have acces at Bad Romance Swingers Club you have to be at least 21 years old.

  • To have access you need a reservation.

  • Single ladies access is allowed only if they are accompanied by a couple.

  • All sexual activities are voluntary and are based on the common agreement of all participants. No one can force anyone into sexual activity.

  • The access is not allowed for drunk or drugged people or people who are bothering the other members.

  • It's forbidden to pay for sexual activities.

  • It's forbidden for members to claim discount for services.

  • It's not allowed to take photos inside the club.

  • After 01:00, the access is only allowed for people in underwear or towels.

  • The smoking is allowed only in the smoking area.

  • The management has the right to request people under alcohol influence to leave the club. The bar offers alcoholic drinks until 2:30.

  • The club is not responsable for lost/stolen items.

  • Ladies security is our priority. Women will feel safe in our club.

  • Men's access is limited to have a fair proportion of couple/single males.

  • Personal hygiene is mandatory.

  • It's forbidden to get in the club with outside drinks.

  • The violation of these rules leads to banning from the club! Please report any attempt of violation of the rules to the staff.

You are now ready to spend an unforgettable night at Bad Romance Swingers Club. Have a great visit!