The Dark Countes - Ritual of Sin - 2nd Edition

The Dark Countes - Ritual of Sin - 2nd Edition

February 22, 2020

Join us in the game of sins and eroticism in a hedonistic and sensual ritual that incites the minds and senses. Sexual energy is known as cosmic energy and orgasm is controlled by the power of sex and imagination.

We venerate the woman, we venerate the release of the senses, we venerate sexuality ...

It involves an erotic and libertine game dedicated to women: The Dark Countes - whose props will be provided by the organizers.

Our guests, elegantly dressed, are expected between 21.00-21.30, after 22.00 the door of the location will close.

Drinks are offered by all-inclusive organizers (whiskey, vodka, rum, wine (white, rose, red) and soft drinks). Guests are welcome with welcome drinks and a light snacks buffet that can be served throughout the evening!

Entrance fee:

  • 400 lei for participants who pay the full participation fee until 31.01.2020;
  • 500 lei for those who pay until 21.02.2020;
  • 600 lei for those who pay at the entrance.

Payment details are provided after the reservation is made.

Party with a minimum of 40 couples. This party is for couples only.

Dress code:

Lord: black (only accessories of other color, not clothing) are accepted;
Gentlemen: any other color (excluding black).

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Bad Romance Swingers Club is located in a private and easily accessible area of Otopeni area, just minutes from Henri Coanda International Airport. Housed in a modern villa, the club has 2 levels and an impressive courtyard.